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BREAST PUMPS in new york, new york

At King's Pharmacy, in New York, New York, we are pleased to offer our neighborhood mothers quality supplies including breast pumps. If you are a mother or if you are expecting, come to our store. Our friendly pharmacists are here to help you and your baby.

Medela® Breast Pumps

Your local pharmacy offers daily, weekly, monthly, and
tri-monthly Medela rentals as well as a full line of Medela replacement parts and accessories. This is the original breast pump and ideal for providing your baby with breast milk. The Medela Classic™ is easy to use, offers electric double or single pumping, and is, for many experts, the best choice for mom.

Lactina® Breast Pumps

Lactina pumps have been the choice of health care and lactation professionals for more than 25 years. These hospital-grade breast pumps set the standard for the industry and are ideal for short or long-term use. They offer double or single pumping with an electric motor and battery options.

Symphony® Breast Pumps

Symphony pumps offer breakthrough Natural Expression 2-pattern pumping that mimics the way your baby nurses, providing the ultimate pump for comfort and flexibility. These pumps come with electric or battery options, double or single pumping, and ultra-quiet performance.

Baby Supplies and Toy Brands

We also carry products to cover your baby's needs from top to bottom. These products include California Baby Shampoo® and Triple Paste® Diaper Ointment. We also carry products by:
• Avent™
• Gerber®
• Mattel®
• Mustela®
• Playskool®
• Hasbro™
• Playtex®
• Alex® Toys
• Fisher-Price®
• Dr. Browns®
• Safety First®
• Tomy Lamaze®
• Dr. Browns®
• Safety First®
• Tomy Lamaze®
• Sanrio® Hello Kitty
• Johnson & Johnson®