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Prescription Drugs

When you choose our pharmacy, we offer fully computerized scans for drug interactions, consultations with our pharmacist, refills by email and fax, and daily savings including senior discount Tuesdays. There is never a 1 or 2 day wait for prescription drugs like the chains pharmacies do. Our prescription department is fully stocked and 99% of our prescriptions are filled the same day. If we have to special order your prescription, in most cases it will arrive the following morning. We are also experts in working with your physician and insurance company to find the right prescription medication for you.

Your Local Pharmacy

All of our locations are proud to be your local pharmacy. With our pharmacies, your prescriptions will be filled the same day, usually within 30 minutes. End-of-the-year prescription statement for your tax purposes are available at no charge.
We offer same day prescription pick-up and delivery services if needed.

Fully Stocked

Our pharmacy is fully stocked so 99% of all prescription medications are always available. If you are in need of a hard to find or specialty drug, don't worry, just call and ask. And if we don't have the specialty medication in stock, our specialists can usually procure it within 24 hours.
If your prescription drug is not covered by your insurance, we will work with your physician to get a prior authorization or find an alternative drug that is covered by your insurer.